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Bogdan Benea



Bogdan Benea

Art Director & Character Design

Cristina Pîrvu

Storyboard Artists

Matei Monoranu, Bogdan Crivoi

The Devil-Blessed

Skeptic Dog Short-Film

A warrior princess must save all her subjects from certain death by stopping her father from performing

a most evil and selfish ritual.


With ‘Glenda the Devil-Blessed’, we started a complex studio project: a dark fantasy short. We took inspiration from Eastern European fairytales, where devils walk the line between good and evil, and a lot of sacrifice is required so that good can triumph.


We won the Pitch, please! contest at Animest Festival in 2019, we have the final version of the script ready and we’re working on the storyboard. 


We’re also eagerly looking for an experienced producer to further develop the project.

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