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Andra Berilă

Creative Director 

Bogdan Benea 



Bogdan Benea

Art Director & Character Design 

Irina Mocanu


Lead Animator 

Irina Mocanu 

Frame by Frame Animators 

Irina Mocanu, Cristiana Stroea, Alina Cîrciumaru

Motion Graphics Animator 

Andreea Țimpea, Julean David  

Editor & Sound Designer

Andra Berilă, Bogdan Benea


The Plan's Working by Cooper Cannell


Client -

Production Year - 2020

Bitcoin Essentials


How do you animate 44 minutes in 2 months, within a fixed budget? With a great team of course. And with a very good & efficient script and graphic design. The greatest challenge was to simplify and keep everything easy to understand by people from various backgrounds.


The teaser above shows some of our favourite moments from the course. You can find all animations in the original course created by about Bitcoin & Blockchain, here.

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